Elmvale Fall Fair
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2023 Roadside Decorating Contest

2023 Roadside Decorating Contest

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our 2023 Roadside Decorating Contest Participants!

We’re genuinely amazed by the remarkable displays set up throughout our community. Each piece is a testament to the creativity and spirit of our residents, making every stroll or drive around town a delightful experience.

Remember to check out the prize placings, which will be showcased during our upcoming fair. We invite everyone to join us in celebrating the talents that have made our community shine even brighter this year!

Village Walking Tour Map

Village Walking Tour Elmvale Decorating Contest 2023

Village Walking Tour - Businesses - Photo Gallery

Village Walking Tour - Residential - Photo Gallery

Rural Driving Tour West Map

Rural Driving Tour Elmvale Decorating Contest 2023

Rural Driving Tour North and East Map

Rural Driving Tour North and East Map

Rural Roadside Driving Tour - Photo Gallery


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