Elmvale Fall Fair
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Past parade at Elmvale Fall Fair

President’s Message

The Flos Agricultural Society has proudly showcased our agricultural community for over 160 years and we are excited to bring you the Elmvale Fall Fair for 2023! I am thrilled to be your president for the Flos Agricultural Society, as it has been a valued organization within my family for several generations. I myself have proudly participated at the Elmvale Fall Fair from a young age;

being named ‘Sweepstakes Baby’ was just the beginning!

Elmvale Fall Fair is deeply rooted in tradition, which is no surprise because when you find something special, you must hold onto it. I am excited to welcome new

residents and fair-goers as we share our community spirit, celebrate our rural roots and the future of agriculture. As we embrace our very own ‘Thanksgiving Homecoming’’ I encourage you to enjoy the many exhibits, livestock shows, parades, activities, midway and entertainment at the fair, as it is these little moments that become big memories when shared with family, friends and neighbours. Our exhibitors and competitors’ commitment to the fair is second to

none. I look forward to celebrating our theme “Sew It, Grow It, Show It”. Each and every year I continue to be in awe of the products and talents showcased in the exhibit hall and showrings.

The Elmvale Fall Fair is simply the best of the best. We are certainly not the biggest fair, but we have heart. Thank you to all of our directors and volunteers, as well as our generous sponsors, supporters and fair-goers; without you, our fair would not be possible.

See you there!

Brenda Buchanan Munshaw – President

Brenda Buchanan Munshaw - President

Fall Fair Ambassador 2022-2023

As the 2022/2023 Elmvale Fall Fair Ambassador for the Flos Agricul- tural Society, I had the privilege of representing and promoting the Fair and the agricultural community in the area.

This experience was truly unforgettable. Filled with opportunities to engage with local farmers, vendors, and community members, while

also learning about the facets of the agricultural industry.

One of the highlights of my experience was attending the Elmvale Fall Fair itself. From witnessing the stunning displays of prize-winning livestock and produce, to participating in various competitions and events, it was truly a whirlwind weekend. I was thrilled to have the chance to interact with fair-goers of all ages, answer their questions, and share my enthusi- asm for the agricultural community.

I also had the opportunity to attend the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies conven- tion, where I learned about the latest developments and innovations in farming practices. I was able to network with professionals and industry leaders. It was truly eye-opening to see the level of dedication and hard work that goes into farming and agriculture, and to witness firsthand the ways in which these individuals are working to shape the future of the sector.

Overall, my experience as the Elmvale Fall Fair Ambassador for the Flos Agricultural Society was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that allowed me to engage with and learn from some of the most passionate and knowledgeable individuals in the agricultural community. I will always cherish the memories and skills that I gained during this year, and I look forward to continuing to promote and advocate for this essential industry in the years to come.

Camry Miller – SR Fall Fair Ambassador

Junior Fair Ambassador 2022-2023

My name is Riley Klein Gebbinck and I have had the honour of being your Jr. Ambassador for the past year. Growing up in Elmvale, the Fall Fair has been a big part of my family’s tradition. During my year I was able to participate in the Fair itself, assisting with handing out ribbons for the livestock events. I have since then participated in the annual Santa Clause Parade, sitting in on a couple of meetings

where I have been able to work on my public speaking skills and learning how much work it takes to run this Fair.

I am proud and honoured to have had this role and cannot wait to see what the future of the Elmvale Fall Fair has in store for us.

Riley KleinGebbinck – JR Fall Fair Ambassador