Elmvale Fall Fair
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Rebecca Lange

Flos Agricultural Society Bursary

The Flos Agricultural Society continues to offer the following Bursary. Please share our Bursary page on your website and include it in mailings to the 2023-2024 graduating students. Our bursary committee will decide on the successful applicants, and the committee will inform the applicant’s school of the winners.

Two Bursary Awards at $250 Each

To be awarded annually to two graduating students who are continuing their education and who have demonstrated volunteerism relating to the Flos Agricultural Society, aka Elmvale Fall Fair.

The applicants will complete a short questionnaire related to their contribution to the Society, which the Bursary Committee will review, before selecting the winning recipients.

The deadline for application is Tuesday, May 21, 2024.

Please choose how you will apply for the Bursary. Choose only one.

Method #1:
Apply Online - Fill Out This Form

Send Your Questionnaire Answers by Email:

Candidates Please Note:

Below is a short questionnaire for you to complete and send by email.


  1. How have you shown your commitment and involvement with the Elmvale Fall Fair? (i.e. as an exhibitor, a participant, or a volunteer)
  2. What benefits have you derived from your participation?
  3. What improvements/suggestions do you have that would help continue our agricultural roots at the Elmvale Fall Fair for many years to come?

Send your completed application to the Elmvale Fall Fair email address: info@elmvalefallfair.com.

You will be informed of the winner’s names no later than June 5, 2023. Our organization looks forward to receiving the perspective recipient’s applications.

Contact for further information: Marlene Lambie, Director, Flos Agricultural Society, by phone at 705-322-1843, by email at h.marlene1304@gmail.com or info@elmvalefallfair.com

2023 Bursary Winners

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