Elmvale Fall Fair
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Beef Cattle Show

Beef Cattle Show
Beef Cattle Show

Saturday, October 7, 2023 | 1 pm

Chairperson: Brenda Munshaw

Committee: Ariel Buchanan, Dale Buchanan, Steve Buchanan, Dale Giffen

GENERAL RULES Premises ID #ON4211211

Animals showing evidence of active Ringworm, Mange or Pink-eye are NOT eligible for exhibition, and will be refused entry to the fairgrounds.

All cattle must be registered or eligible for registration. Entries must be owned by, and registered in the name of the exhibitor. Cattle must be tagged with CFIA tags before they leave the farm. Should they arrive without these tags, they will not be allowed to enter the grounds. Entry numbers must be visible while showing in each class. 10% of winnings will be withheld as subscription for the ensuing year. $1,000,000 Liability insurance required.

  • Absolutely no alcohol
  • Limited power supply available, generators are encouraged if so

If there is only one head in any Class, the committee has the right to change the Class. There must be at least three (3) entries in each Section, or prize paid for that Section will be three quarters of the prize money offered. The committee reserves the right to split classes as deemed necessary due to increased numbers.

PRIZE (each Class):

1st – $55 | 2nd – $45 | 3rd – $40 | 4th – $35 | 5th – $30 | 6th – $25 | 7th – $20 | All others $15

CLASS 10: Angus, Hereford and Shorthorn CLASS 11: Charolais, Maine-Anjou, Simmental CLASS 12: All other Breeds


  1. Bull Calf – 2023
  2. Bull, Yearling – 2022
  3. Bull, 2 yr Old – 2021


– Rosette

  1. Female Calf – 2023
  2. Heifer, Jr Yearling born April 2022 – De- cember 31, 2022
  3. Heifer, Sr Yearling born January 2022 – March 31, 2022
  4. Female, 2 yr old, born 2021, with 2023 calf at The calf is eligible to show as a single animal in the Breeder’s Herd and Get-Of-Sire ONLY
  5. Female, Mature, born 2020 or earlier, with 2023 calf at The calf is eligible to show as a single animal in the Breeder’s Herd and Get-Of-Sire ONLY
  1. NEW: Jacob Martin Memorial Banner – Best Cow-calf pair, from Class 10 – British Breeds


FEMALE – Rosette


  1. Breeder’s Herd (bred by exhibitor) A group of 4 Both sexes to be rep- resented. Each animal in the group must have been exhibited in one of the above Sections. ALL BREEDS SHOW TOGETHER
  2. Get-of-Sire: Group of 3 animals from same sire, both sexes represented and must be bred and owned by the exhibi- Each animal in the group must have been exhibited in one of the above Sec- tions. ALL BREEDS SHOW TOGETHER


To be exhibited by any Youth, 21 years of age and younger.

PRIZE MONEY: 1st – $35 | 2nd – $30 | 3rd

$25 | $15 for each worthy entry

All entries into this Class must not have been previously shown in any other section.

  1. Best Steer: Purebred or Commercial
  2. Best Heifer Calf: Purebred or Commer- cial, born in 2023
  3. Best Heifer Yearling: Purebred or Com- mercial, born in 2022

Additional prizes for:

  • Overall Grand Champion MALE
  • Overall Grand Champion FEMALE


  • 3 Additional Exhibitor Lottery Draws


  • Tom Smith Chevrolet Buick GMC
  • Family of Don & Lorna McGrath – Donlor Farm
  • Ab Carroll, Ontario Stockyards
  • Ritchie’s Feeds ‘N Needs – Masterfeeds
  • Road Readie Paving – Tim Moxham
  • Flos Agricultural Society
  • Riverview Farm

How to Enter a Competition

Competition Rules

General Rules and Regulation

Each exhibitor, upon arriving on the grounds, must apply to the Committee in charge, who will inform the exhibitor where the animals or articles are to be placed.

Judging Standards

Our local Committee members do not judge at our Fair. The Society hires and pays for qualified and impartial judges.