Elmvale Fall Fair
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Floral Exhibits

Floral Exhibits
Floral exhibits at Elmvale Fall Fair

Class 33

Chairperson: Janice Terry Committee Members: Susan Elliott, Bev Leonard, Nancy Lock- hart, Chessy Pottage

All plants and flowers competing for prizes must have been grown by the exhibitor. No article to which a premium has been awarded in one Section will be allowed to compete in another, and no articles forming part of a collection entered for a premium in collection

shall receive a premium as a single article. All cut flowers must be displayed in suitable vases or dishes. No premium will be awarded to any exhibit containing more than one plant in a pot (unless specified by the Section). All potted plants must be in exhibitor’s possession for at least 3 months.

PRIZES SECTIONS 1-39: 1st – $4 | 2nd – $3 | 3rd – $2


Bloom: Individual flower, one to a stem, do not leave buds showing

Stem: May carry one or more flowers, with foliage

Spike: A thick upright stem carrying several flowers

Spray: A portion of the plant with a number of flowers on one stem

Collection: Minimum of three different varieties

Display: May be one or more varieties

Floating: May NOT touch sides of a clear container

SECTIONS 1 – 39:

  1. Asters, 1 stem, single head(s)
  2. Asters, 1 bloom, double head
  3. Chrysanthemums – 3 stems (medium)
  4. Chrysanthemums – Collection
  5. Phlox
  6. Cosmos, 5 stems
  7. Dahlia, decorative, single bloom, 3” and over
  8. Dahlia, decorative, single bloom, under 3”
  9. Dahlias, arranged in a vase, Any number, any color(s)
  10. Geranium, 3 stems with blooms on each
  11. Hydrangea, 1 stem
  12. Marigold, 5 blooms, over 7.5 cm (3”)
  13. Petunias, 5 sprays, single
  14. Rose – Last perfect Rose of summer
  15. Rose, collection, variety of blooms
  16. Salvia, 5 spikes
  17. Sedum, 3 stems
  18. Snapdragons, 5 stems
  19. Zinnias, 5 blooms, assorted
  20. Coneflower, 3 sprays
  1. Gladioli, 3 spikes, PLEASE weight your vase to avoid tipping
  2. Heleanthus ( sunflower) 3 stems
  3. Ornamental Grass, 3 stems, 1 variety, not over 90cm (3’) in height, including container
  4. Annual flowers, 5 sprays, 5 different vari- eties, named
  5. Perennial flowers, 5 sprays, 5 different varieties, named


  1. African Violet, in bloom
  2. Coleus, max. 8” pot
  3. Fern, (excluding Asparagus), max. 8” pot
  4. Flowering House Plant, EXCLUDING GE- RANIUM max 6” pot (15.2 cm)
  5. Non-flowering House Plant, named, max 6”(15.2 cm) pot
  6. Outdoor Mixed Planter, in bloom, max. 12” pot
  7. Potted Hibiscus
  8. Potted Begonia – grown for flowers, in bloom
  9. Potted Begonia – grown for foliage
  10. Potted Herb Collection, minimum of 3 properly named,
  11. Potted Shamrock, any colour
  12. Succulent Garden
  13. Succulent, in container 5” (13 cm) or less
  14. Cactus, in container 5” (13 cm) or less



1st – $6 + Complimentary 1 Year Horticultural Society Membership | 2nd – $4 | 3rd – $3

Prize Money & Memberships sponsored by the E.D.G.E.

All arrangements NOT to exceed 45 cm (18”) in any direction, unless otherwise specified.

  1. Budding Beginners – simple arrange- ment for novice
  2. Old Treasures – arrangement in an antique container
  3. For The Birds and The Bees – your interpretation
  4. Butterfly Heaven – using flowers to attract butterflies, max 10”
  5. Autumn Arrangement – using 3” pump- kins or gourds, including fresh flowers
  6. King Charles Coronation: your interpre- tation, accessories permitted
  7. Mary T Stone Memorial Special

PRIZE: 1st – $15 I 2nd $10 I 3rd – $5 Fresh arrangement in Fall Colors –your interpretation.


To the NEW Exhibitor with the most points in Sections 1 thru 46 inclusive – $10

How to Enter a Competition

Competition Rules

General Rules and Regulation

Each exhibitor, upon arriving on the grounds, must apply to the Committee in charge, who will inform the exhibitor where the animals or articles are to be placed.

Judging Standards

Our local Committee members do not judge at our Fair. The Society hires and pays for qualified and impartial judges.