Elmvale Fall Fair
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Wrapped Up For Another Year

Wrapped Up For Another Year
tractor parade in Elmvale

The Elmvale Virtual Thanksgiving celebration has wrapped up for another year. We are looking forward to this being our last virtual fair and hope we see everyone in person next year.

Thank you to the Township of Springwater for your financial support, which allows us to purchase gift certificates from local businesses for our virtual fair prizes. Thank you to all those who sent in photos for our virtual fair classes. The response was terrific.

Thank you to the local farmers for their continued support, hosting the tractor parade on Saturday.

The fireworks show on Sunday night was a massive success, with people watching the sky with a renewed hope that 2022 will bring Elmvale Fall Fair traditions back.

Thank you to the committee working on this project. They did a great job keeping our fall fair celebration in our community as we moved through the COVID year.

Thank you to our community for your continued support and encouragement. See you all next year in person at the Elmvale Fall Fair!


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