Elmvale Fall Fair
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4-H Club Achievement Day

4-H Club Achievement Day
4H Club Achievement Day

Friday at 1PM

Mark your calendars for a remarkable day of celebration and accomplishment at the 4-H Club Achievement Day, a pivotal feature of this year’s Elmvale Fall Fair! This special day will see Elmvale and area Beef members and Elmvale Dairy 4-H Calf Clubs showcasing their hard-earned skills, knowledge, and achievements.
Anticipate a day filled with diverse and insightful exhibitions as young enthusiasts present their livestock and innovative agricultural projects. These presentations will underscore the variety and depth of interests and talents our dedicated 4-H members harboured. The event serves not only as a platform for the members to display their passion and accomplishments but also as a unique opportunity for the community to support and encourage emerging leaders in agriculture and science.
So, be there to witness the impressive array of talents and the dedication of the 4-H members on a day marked by learning, inspiration, and celebration at the Elmvale Fall Fair!

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