Elmvale Fall Fair
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Stock Truck and Tractor Pulling

Stock Truck and Tractor Pulling
2023 Elmvale Fall Fair - Friday

Saturday at 2:30PM

The Stock Truck and Tractor Pulling event at the Elmvale Fall Fair is a much-anticipated spectacle set to unfold on a vibrant Saturday afternoon. This event will see many powerful trucks and tractors flexing their mechanical muscles, competing to pull heavy sleds the farthest distance along a straight dirt track. The surrounding atmosphere is expected to brim with energy and excitement as spectators gather around to witness a true battle of brawn between machinery. The roar of the engines, coupled with the exhilarated cheers of the crowd, is set to create an unforgettable ambiance, highlighting the essence of communal enjoyment and competitive spirit inherent to the Elmvale Fall Fair.


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