Elmvale Fall Fair
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Heavy Horse Show

Heavy Horse Show
Heavy Horse Show at Elmvale Fall Fair

Saturday at 10:30AM

The Heavy Horse Show is an exhibition showcasing the majesty and strength of heavy horse breeds such as Clydesdales, Shires, Belgians, and Percherons. The show typically features several exhibitor classes, including a Line Class, where horses are judged on conformation and presence. The Unicorn Hitch welcomes all breeds to demonstrate their capabilities in a three-horse hitch, offering a captivating display of synchronization and teamwork. In the 4-Horse Hitch, teams of four horses compete, emphasizing coordination and collective strength, open to horses of all breeds. The Single Hitch class provides a platform for individual horses to showcase their grace, discipline, and obedience, and it’s open to all breeds. Lastly, the coveted title of Best Horse on the Grounds is awarded to the horse that stands out in overall performance, appearance, and demeanour, ensuring a thrilling and engaging experience for all attendees.


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