Elmvale Fall Fair
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Children’s Pedal Tractor Pull

Children’s Pedal Tractor Pull
children's pedal tractor pull at Elmvale Fall Fair

Friday at 1:15PM

Gather around, young ones! The Elmvale Fall Fair is excited to present the exhilarating Children’s Pedal Tractor Pull Competition! It’s a community event open to all our spirited boys and girls under 12. This joyful competition offers four exciting classes to ensure everyone has a chance to showcase their pedal power!


🌟 Class #1: For our light and speedy competitors weighing 30-45 lbs.

🌟 Class #2: For the strong and spirited competitors weighing 46-60 lbs.

🌟 Class #3: For our robust and lively competitors weighing 61-75 lbs. 

🌟 Class #4: For the powerful and dynamic competitors weighing 76-90 lbs.


Hold onto your hats in the event of a tie because we will have an electrifying pull-off to determine the ultimate winner!

This competition is all about community spirit, fun, and friendly rivalry. So, young champs, let’s gear up, pedal down, and pull with all your might to be crowned the Pedal Tractor Pull Champion at the Elmvale Fall Fair! Let’s come together to cheer, compete, and celebrate the vibrant spirit of our community. See you there!

View the competition page to enter in the Pedal Tractor Pull.

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