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Children’s’ Pedal Tractor Pull

children's pedal tractor pull at Elmvale Fall Fair

Friday, October 7, 2022 | 1:15 pm

Sponsored by Factory Recreation

Chairperson: Donny Woods | Committee: Reg Cowan, Larry KleinGebbinck, Deanna Woods

Registration 1 pm or “Pre-Register”

To pre-register, please email your child’s FIRST and LAST NAME, with their weight in pounds to: A confirmation email will be sent upon receipt. Bring your child to the event and check in with your child’s name.Pre-register by Friday, Sept. 30, 2022. After this date, registration will be closed until 1 pm on the day of the event. Any questions, contact:

PRIZES : 1st – $5 | 2nd – $3 | 3rd – $2 | Prizes to be awarded to the winners of each class.


  1. The contestant must be able to pedal without
  2. Pedal tractors will be furnished for all
  3. All contestants must wear
  4. All contestants will be given three chances to get the sled moving from the starting
  5. The pulling tractor must stay between the lines of the pulling lanes at all
  6. If the tractor leaves the pulling lane, the distance will be measured from the

starting line to the point where the tractor crossed the boundary.

  1. There will be four classes:
    1. Class #1 (30-45)
    2. Class #2 (46-60)
    3. Class #3 (61-75)
    4. Class #4 (76-90)
  1. In the case of a tie, there will be a pull-off to determine a
  2. Both boys and girls are eligible to Age limit 12 years.
  3. The judges decision will be final for all
  4. All contestants must be present before the time of the pedal pull with a signed permission slip in The required signature of parent or guardian releases the Flos Agricultural Society from any financial responsibility due to accident.
  5. Participation limited, first come, first served, only 20 children will be allowed in each Child must be accompa- nied by a parent or guardian at time of registration.

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Competition Rules

General Rules and Regulation

Each exhibitor, upon arriving on the grounds, must apply to the Committee in charge, who will inform the exhibitor where the animals or articles are to be placed.