Elmvale Fall Fair
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Antique Tractor Pull

Antique Tractor Pull
Antique Tractor Pull

Friday, Oct 6, 2023 | 6 pm

Chairperson: Dan Clement | Committee: Dave Bertram, Jason Craddock, Dave Kenney, Keriann Kenney, Paul Kenney, Glen Moreau, Cory Smith, Dan Tinney


1st 0 – 3,499 lbs | 2nd 3,500 – 4,499 lbs | 3rd 4,500 – 5,499 lbs | 4th 5,500 – 6,499 lbs 5th 6,500 – 7,499 lbs | 6th 7,500 – 9,499 lbs | 7th 9,500 – 11,499 lbs | 8th 11,500 lbs & over


1st – $50 | 2nd – $30 | 3rd – $20 Sponsored by: Will Marshall Insurance Brokers 726-2551  



  1. Number of competitors will be limited in each class.
  2. Registration fee: $20 per vehicle. All fees collected are allocated to prize money.
  3. Participants must provide proof of insurance coverage for their tractor at time of registration.
  4. Each driver is only allowed to drive one tractor in one class during the pull. If registering more than one tractor, each additional tractor must have a new driver. Note: New “open” classes will be exempt from this rule.
  5. Drivers will not be allowed to move up to the next class.
  6. A puller and one helper will be allowed free admission to the grounds.
  7. Drivers must be at least 16 years of age. If under 18 years of age, driver must have parent’s consent.
  8. All vehicles are subject to an inspection. Each tractor may only be entered by one driver in a class. Each driver may only drive one tractor in a class, except specialty classes.
  9. No one is allowed on the track except persons running the tractor pull, and the contestant.
  10. All pulling vehicles must be weighed prior to the competition. The maximum weight per class includes both the pull- ing vehicle and the driver.
  11. All pulling vehicles must have an operator in the driver’s seat while being started.
  12. All pulls must be started from a tight chain, and on the raising of a green flag by the flag man.
  13. All pulls shall operate with 2 flag men on the left hand side of the track. The starting flag man will be responsible for the readiness of the track, pulling machine and contestant. The second flag man will be responsible for the balance of the course, under the guidance of the Track Official.
  14. All vehicles must be in neutral or park (transmission selector) while being hitched or unhitched. Driver must raise both hands while hooking & unhooking.
  15. Puller may have the sled spotted in the location of his choice with sufficient notice to the pull-back tractor operator during the return of the sled to the starting line following previous pull. If preceding puller moves the sled any measurable distance, the next puller may have the sled relocated prior to his first attempt.
  16. Any contestant who wishes to make his draw in a different gear from which he started his pull, may opt to stop his vehicle before the 75 ft mark. At this point the sled will be returned to the starting position and one new draw will be allowed.
  17. At the discretion of the pull committee, the first contestant of each class will be the “test puller” and at the completion of his or her pull may elect to pull again in 3rd position. If a driver elects to do this, his first pull will not be counted. All decisions or re-pulls must be made before the pulling vehicle is unhooked from the sled.
  18. Tractors must be stopped immediately upon signal from the flag man. The signal will be the raising of a red flag by the flag man located alongside the E.D.G.E. of the track on the left hand side of the pulling vehicle. The pull will be considered over when the forward motion of the sled stops.
  19. Drivers must remain seated at all times during their pull, and wear an approved safety helmet.
  20. No riders in/on pulling vehicles while pulling.
  21. All vehicles must have functioning brakes.
  22. All weights must be securely fastened on brackets and NOT in the cab or on the platform (no chains). The weights must not obscure the forward or rear vision of the driver.
  23. The hitch must be rigid in all directions, & solidly mounted to the vehicle frame.
  24. “D” Hitching Device: The diameter of the square or oval hole is a minimum of 3 in at the longest measuring points of the hole. From the rear point of the hole to the rear point of the hitching device is a maximum of 1-1/2 in.
  25. Hitch point must be visible and clear for sled hook-up.
  26. All tractors must be put in a staging area following weigh-in, and not returned to the pit area.
  27. Pressurized fuels such as propane or nitrous oxide are not allowed as a secondary fuel.
  28. The persons competing must drive the tractor onto the track and off (unless disabled) after competing, with no change of driver.
  29. The contestant must proceed with pull at position drawn within 3 min. of the time the sled is ready. If a puller has a mechanical problem, they drop to the last position. Rule called by Track Official.
  30. All participants must obey the rules of the Ontario Tractor Pullers Association.
  31. Stock tractors must have hood, floor- boards, grill, fenders & be stock appearing. Engines must be stock or manufacturer’s replacement for that model.
  32. No four-wheel drive or dual-wheeled tractors shall compete against two wheel drive tractors.
  33. On tractors weighing up to 8,500 lbs. The maximum draw bar height is 18 in from the top of the hitching device to the ground. On tractors weighing10,000 lbs. or over, the maximum height is 20 in from the top of the hitching de- vice to the ground. The minimum draw- bar length is 18 in from the centre of the rear wheel to the point of the hook.
  34. Stock tractors with a turbocharger may pull all stock tractor classes, as long as the turbo is/was factory warranted with the tractor.
  35. Tractor exhaust systems with no mufflers must be pointed away from the crowd. Turbo tractors with no mufflers must have two 3/8 grade 5 bolts in vertical portion of exhaust pipe. Bolts to be installed 90 degrees and within 1 in of each other.
  36. No weight behind the rear axle.




8 Classes of Antiques will be held on Friday night. Registration & Weigh-In 4 – 6 pm


  1. Pulling vehicle not operated in a safe manner at all times while on the grounds.
  2. Consumption of alcoholic beverages prior to pulling. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the track area.
  3. Any pulling vehicle that crosses the white marker lines at the side boundaries of the track will be disqualified.
  4. Loss of ballast weight or equipment un- der the green flag.
  5. Excessive loss of liquid by a pulling vehicle while in forward motion during a contest on the track, unless due to internal breakage. (Excessive is defined as any steady or intermittent stream discharged on the track, or a spot equivalent to more than 8 inches diameter.)

How to Enter a Competition

Competition Rules

General Rules and Regulation

Each exhibitor, upon arriving on the grounds, must apply to the Committee in charge, who will inform the exhibitor where the animals or articles are to be placed.

Judging Standards

Our local Committee members do not judge at our Fair. The Society hires and pays for qualified and impartial judges.