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Photography Exhibits

Photography Exhibits


Chairperson: Sally Simpson 

Prizes offered in Sections 1 – 12: 1st – $4.00, 2nd – $ 3.00, 3rd – $ 2.00

  1. Photos must be taken by exhibitor, (except #7 & #9) (Amateur Photographers only).

NOTE: Amateur photographer is one who photographs for pleasure and not for money.

  1. One entry per section per exhibitor.
  2. Entries cannot be modified or enhanced digitally.
  3. All entries must be 4” x 6” and mounted securely on bristol board or construction

paper, with a border, not to exceed 1”, for displaying purposes.

  1. Secure exhibitor tags to photos with paper clips.
  2. Do not use frames.


  1. Black/White – Photographer’s choice
  2. Humorous Photo – with a caption

(write caption on the border, not on

exhibitor tag)

  1. Flower – Close up
  2. Vintage Sign
  3. Elmvale Fall Fair 2019 – Favourite event or

activity from the 2019 fair – one photo only

  1. Fences and Gates – Photo of one (fence or gate) or a combination of both
  2. Parades of Yesteryear – Photo of previous Elmvale Fall Fair parade prior to 1980. Include year of the Fair on the exhibit

tag.  Exhibitor can submit a photo that has been taken by someone else.

  1. Hometown Pride – Show your pride for: the place where you live, historical landmark, or people or product of your


  1. Days Gone By – Photo from a previous Elmvale Fall Fair event or activity (not a parade picture) taken prior to 1980.

     Include year of the Fair on the exhibit tag.  Exhibitor can submit a photo that has been taken by someone else.


“JUNIOR” PHOTOGRAPHY (Elementary and High School Age Exhibitors)

(Same Rules apply as above.) Reminder: All photos must be taken by the exhibitor, and the

exhibitor cannot be in the photo, unless taken as a “selfie”.


  1. At the Farm – Activity or Livestock
  2. Door Knob
  3. Bicycle and/or Bicycle Parts


SPECIAL: O.A.A.S. Fair Photo Contest

(Digital Imaging now accepted) – ALL ENTRIES MUST BE TAKEN AT 2022 FAIR

The OAAS holds this competition annually. Complete details of the 2022 competition will

be available at the Fair Board Office, or go to for a full list of eligible categories.

Deadline: Nov 1, 2022. All photos must be of the 2022 Elmvale Fall Fair. Bring your camera

& start snappin’ – you might have a winning shot. Entries to be submitted, in digital form,

to Elmvale Fall Fair, c/o Sally Simpson, by Nov 1st, 2022.

How to Enter a Competition

Competition Rules

General Rules and Regulation

Each exhibitor, upon arriving on the grounds, must apply to the Committee in charge, who will inform the exhibitor where the animals or articles are to be placed.