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Junior Livestock

Farm Animals and Livestock Displays at Elmvale Fall Fair

Friday, October 7, 2022 | 1 pm

Chairperson: Doug Ritchie, Roger Spence

PRIZES SECTIONS 270 – 275: 1st – $20 | 2nd – $15 | 3rd – $10 | $5 for each worthy entry

Animals showing evidence of active Ringworm, Mange or Pink-eye are NOT eligible for exhibition, and will be refused entry to the fairgrounds.

Each entrant in Classes 270 – 275 will receive a participation medallion and a cash prize donated by The Hugh Ritchie Family, and Dennis and Pat Leonard.

NOTE: Any child who is participating in 4-H is IN-ELIGIBLE to participate in the following classes. They are open to all other elementary-aged children. All participants in the Junior Livestock show Classes #270 – 278 must be under parent/guardian supervision.

  1. Dairy calf, over 4 months
  2. Dairy calf, under 4 months
  3. Beef calf, over 4 months
  4. Beef calf, under 4 months
  5. Ewe lamb, breeding
  6. Market lamb, ewe or wether


$5 for each worthy entry | 1st place winners will each receive a halter donated by Dr.

Tim Henshaw

  1. Showmanship, calves – K. – Gr. 3
  2. Showmanship, calves – 4 – 8
  3. Showmanship, lamb

How to Enter a Competition

Competition Rules

General Rules and Regulation

Each exhibitor, upon arriving on the grounds, must apply to the Committee in charge, who will inform the exhibitor where the animals or articles are to be placed.