Elmvale Fall Fair
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Things From The Past

Things From The Past
Things From The Past

Class 29

Chairperson: Pat Leonard

PRIZES: 1st – $4 | 2nd – $3 | 3rd – $2


  • Articles must be at least 50 years old
  • NO antique dealers, please
  • Historical interest and approximate age of entry would be appreciated
  • Small cracks or flaws should not disqualify the entry
  • Item size less than 12” in any direction, if possible
  • Articles will be displayed securely
  • For safety & security, only the chairperson or designate will remove entries

We will take the best possible care to safeguard your entries, but cannot be held responsible for the articles or accidents to them


  1. Commemorative mug
  2. Footed candy dish
  3. Bud vase – max 12” high
  4. Antique / unique bell – max 12” high
  5. 5 antique buttons, displayed in a box
  6. 6 marbles, various colors & sizes, dis- played in a box
  7. 2 hat / hair pins, mounted on a card, max 8” in any direction
  8. 2 novelty place cards, any occasion
  9. Man’s bow tie
  10. Rolling pin
  11. Elmvale a area souvenir
  12. 3 metal cookie cutters, different shapes
  13. Jewellery box, max 12” high
  14. Geometry set
  15. Christmas storybook
  16. Historical China plate
  17. Queen’s Coronation memorabilia, max 3 pieces
  18. School text book
  19. Hand embroidery on a fabric item, Pillowcase, hankie, towel
  20. Mail order catalogue
  21. School report card
  22. Oldest license plate
  23. Oil company road map
  24. Picture of a veteran, identified, attached to a personal item Medal, letter. Dis- play in a plastic sleeve if possible
  25. Graduation diploma from a post-sec- ondary No frames please.
  26. Picture of a family picnic, with details

JUDGES’ SPECIAL: Best antique chosen by the Judge – Rosette

How to Enter a Competition

Competition Rules

General Rules and Regulation

Each exhibitor, upon arriving on the grounds, must apply to the Committee in charge, who will inform the exhibitor where the animals or articles are to be placed.

Judging Standards

Our local Committee members do not judge at our Fair. The Society hires and pays for qualified and impartial judges.