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Things From The Past

Things From The Past


Chairperson: Pat Leonard

Prizes offered: 1st – $4.00, 2nd – $3.00, 3rd – $2.00



  1. Articles must be at least 50 years old
  2. NO antique dealers, please
  3. Historical interest and approximate age of entry would be appreciated
  4. Small cracks or flaws should not disqualify the entry
  5. Item size – less than 12” in any direction, if possible
  6. Articles will be displayed securely
  7. For safety & security, only the chairperson or designate will remove entries

We will take the best possible care to safeguard your entries,

but cannot be held responsible for the articles or accidents to them



  1. Piece of Cameo jewellery
  2. Brass candle holder, no more than 8” tall
  3. Greeting card
  4. Flat cigarette tin
  5. Ladies hair comb
  6. Paper weight
  7. Pop bottle
  8. Silver cake server
  9. Photo of a man and his car/truck
  10. Salesman’s sample
  11. Dinky or diecast toy
  12. “Golden” book
  13. Wind-up metal toy
  14. Oldest Elmvale Fair prize book
  15. Receipt from a local Dairy or Creamery
  16. Wire kitchen utensil
  17. Canadian military memorabilia, no larger than 12” in any direction
  18. Carpenter’s tool
  19. Household Hints or Remedies book
  20. 3 articles/souvenirs from a local organization (ie 4-H, Lions, School Group)
  21. China shoe
  22. Wedding Invitation
  23. Wooden pulley
  24. Winnie-The-Pooh item, original
  25. “ Stump the Judge“ – See if our Judge can identify it.

Please place the answer in an attached envelope.

  1. Chairman’s Special: “Remember When …” Make a poster, featuring 3 businesses/business owners from Elmvale and area. Max size ½ sheet of bristol board. Interesting info about each would be appreciated. Prizes money: $10, $7 & $5.


JUDGES’ SPECIAL: Best antique chosen by the Judge — Rosette

Things From the Past   – 2022

How to Enter a Competition

Competition Rules

General Rules and Regulation

Each exhibitor, upon arriving on the grounds, must apply to the Committee in charge, who will inform the exhibitor where the animals or articles are to be placed.